Shiga Prefecture’s Must Visit List

Shiga Prefecture’s Must Visit List


Shiga Prefecture is home to Japan’s largest lake; Lake Biwa. A lot of people have probably never heard of Shiga prefecture as it is overshadowed by it’s famous neighbor Kyoto. However, in this article we will make you see how amazing this place is!

Places You Must Visit in Shiga!

Sakamoto: Strolling Around The Historic Town During The Fresh Green Maple Season

Kurokabe Square: The Secret Street Of Shiga

Shirahige Shrine: Famous Power Spot With a Spectacular View

Nagahama Area & Chikubushima Island: A Spiritual Day Trip from Kyoto

Omihachiman: A Dreamy Day Trip From Kyoto

Hikone Cycling Day-Trip (Bicycles, Castle Towns, Shrines, and Tofu!)

Ogoto Cycling Day-Trip (Herbs, Onsen, Lake, and Lamps)

Maibara Cycling Day-Trip (Local Villages, Hikes, Tea, and Lake Biwa)

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