Shirahige Shrine: Famous Power Spot With a Spectacular View

Shirahige Shrine: Famous Power Spot With a Spectacular View


Northwest of Lake Biwa, the largest lake in Japan, lies a beautiful shrine called Shirahige Shrine. Not only is it famous for its spectacular view of the torii gate standing on the lake, but it is also well known as a power spot that attracts worshippers from all over the country.


📍Where is Shiga Prefecture?

Shiga Prefecture is located in the Kansai region, and borders Kyoto Prefecture to the west. Shiga is home to many amazing tourism resources but is often overshadowed by its neighbor, Kyoto. Lake Biwa, the largest lake in Japan, is one example of Shiga’s resources. It is also home to Omi Beef, national treasure castles, and 37% of Shiga’s land are designated as natural parks!

🚗Traveling from Tokyo to Shiga
Bullet Train: Around 2hrs 30mins
Bus: Around 6hrs 30mins
Car: Around 5hrs

🚗Traveling from Osaka to Shiga
Car: Around a 50mins drive
Train: Shinkansen Bullet Train takes 36mins, other trains take around 1hr 15mins or more

🚗Traveling from Kyoto to Shiga
Car: Around a 15min drive
Train: Around 10mins to 23mins depending on the type of train

⭐Shiga Tourism Official Website: (English)

Shirahige Shrine

The landmark of this shrine is the big torii gate beautifully standing on Lake Biwa. Shirahige shrine has a history of more than 2000 years and is worshipped mainly for marriage and longevity!

The scenery during the day is wonderful and the evening scenery is exceptional. On the weekends, the torii gate is lit up for about two hours from sunset and is lit up even longer during special events such as New Years Eve!

“Shirahige Shrine is a famous power spot”

In the recent years, it is gaining a lot of attention from young people as a famous power spot in Shiga prefecture!

Shirahige Shrine is a divine shrine surrounded by white sand and old pine trees with the Hira Mountains in the background. The main shrine is cypress-roofed and has a gabled roof which is an architectural style peculiar to the Momoyama period.

“A highway runs between the torii gate on the lake and the main shrine.”

The shrine is located along National Highway 161 which runs along the west bank of Lake Biwa.

Originally, Shirahige Shrine faced directly to the lake but now the precincts of the shrine are cut off by the national highway that runs between the torii gate on the lake and the main shrine.

Therefore, in order to see the torii gate on the lake, you will have to cross the heavy traffic highway. However, there is no pedestrian crossing and the car speed in the area is quite high. So please be extra careful when you are crossing this road to go take pictures of the torii gate!


Shirahige Shrine is approximately 3km away from JR Omitakashima Station.

It takes about 40 minutes on foot or 13 minutes by car or taxi. Rental cycle is also available in the area.

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