Osaka Transportation Summary Guide

Osaka Transportation Summary Guide

Osaka is the capital city of western Japan. It is located at the center of the region, surrounded by many famous cities such as Kyoto, Nara, Hyogo (Kobe-Himeji) and Wakayama. Detail about Osaka Transportation is right here.


Before finding yourself overwhelmed by the complexity of the systems when arrival, let’s get to know the total 8 major train systems you will be using in Osaka. Make sure that you understand the full picture of the overall area, so it will help you plan your trip much easier. 

Inner-Osaka = Osaka Metro, JR
Osaka → Kyoto = Hankyu, Keihan, JR
Osaka → Nara = Kintetsu, JR
Osaka → Kobe & Himeji = Hankyu, Hanshin, JR
Osaka → Wakayama = Nankai, JR 

Osaka Station

This is the center of the train system of Osaka. There are 4 different systems located in the same area which requires you to exit one to transfer to another when changing the systems.

1. JR Line = Osaka Sta.
2. Osaka Metro = Umeda Sta.
3. Hankyu = Osaka-Umeda Sta.
4. Hanshin = Osaka-Umeda Sta.

Namba Area

Namba is the center area of southern Osaka. Similarly, there 5 different systems located in the same area which requires you to exit one to transfer to another when changing the systems.

1. JR Line = JR-Namba Sta.
2. Osaka Metro = Namba Sta.
(Midosuji Line, Yotsubashi Line, Sennichimae Line)
3. Nankai = Namba Sta.
4. Hanshin = Osaka-Namba Sta.
5. Kintetsu = Osaka-Namba Sta.
(Same location connecting with Hanshin System)

To simplify, we can separates these systems into two groups

1. Traveling around Osaka 
2. Traveling from Osaka to other cities 

Traveling around Osaka 

1. JR

– Osaka Loop Line

This is the main train system running in circle around the city with access to many major sightseeing spots as follows (Location’s Name)

Osaka Sta. (Umeda)
Morinomiya Sta. (Osaka Castle)
Tennoji Sta. (Abeno Harukas)
Shin-Imamiya Sta. (Shinsekai)
JR-Namba Sta. (Namba-Dotonbori)

– Yumesaki Line 

A special direct line to Sakurajima Sta. (Universal Studio Japan) where you need to transfer at Nishikujo Sta.if you start from other lines like Osaka Loop Line or Hanshin Line 

– Yamatoji Line

A line consisting of JR-Namba Sta., Imamiya Sta., Shin-Imamiya Sta. and Tennoji Sta. where you can also travel to Nara as well.

JR Line Info>

2. Osaka Metro (Inner-City)

A subway system which covers the most part of metropolitan area of Osaka, here is the list of sightseeing spots you can visit by each major line  

Midosuji Line
Shin-Osaka Sta.
Umeda Sta. (Umeda Sky)
Shinsaibashi Sta. 
Namba Sta. (Dotonbori)
Dobutsuen-Mae Sta. (Shinsekai)
Tennoji Sta. (Abeno Harukas)

Chuo Line
Morinomiya Sta. (Osaka Castle)
Osakako Sta. (Osaka Aquarium)

Nagahori Tsurumi-ryokuchi Line
Shinsaibashi Sta.
Morinomiya Sta. (Osaka Castle)

Sakaisuji Line
Nipponbashi Sta. (Kuromon Market)
Dobutsuen-Mae Sta. (Shinsekai)
Tengachaya Sta.

– Sennichimae Line
Namba Sta. (Dotonbori)
Nipponbashi Sta. (Kuromon Market)

All Osaka Metro Line Info>

Traveling from Osaka to other cities 

1. JR Line

2. Hanshin Line : For Kobe & Himeji

Hanshin Line Info>

3. Hankyu Line

Hankyu Line Info>

4.Keihan Line : For Kyoto

Keihan Line Info>

5.Kintetsu Line : For Nara

Kintetsu Line Info>

6.Nankai : For Kansai Airport & Koyasan & Wakayama

Nankai Line Info>

7. Osaka Monorail

Osaka Monorail Info>

Special Express Train in the area

JR Line

Haruka Express is a direct line between KIX Airport and Kyoto.
Kuroshio is express train connecting Osaka and Wakayama.


Limited Express Rapi:d is another direct access between KIX Airport and Namba. (Extra¥520 from regular Express train)

Kansai Airport Sta., Rinku Town Sta. ⇄ Tengachaya Sta., Shin-Imamiya Sta., Namba Sta.  


Premium Car is a special car of the Limited Express train of Keihan system which connects Central Osaka with East Kyoto offering private reserved seats, extra space, baggage storage and Free WIFI available. (Extra ¥500)     

You can also ride Limited Express (regular car) by paying a normal fee.    

Yodoyabashi Sta., Kitahama Sta., Kyobashi Sta. ⇄ Gion-Shijo Sta., Sanjo Sta., Demachiyanagi Sta.


Limited Express Vistacar is a special car of the Limited Express train of Kintetsu system which connects Osaka (Namba) with Nara offering private reserved seats next to a wide window for great scenery, extra space and baggage storage. (Extra ¥520)   

Osaka-Namba Sta., Tsuruhashi Sta. ⇄ Kintetsu-Nara 


We also have another summary for transportation from Kansai airport (KIX) to other areas in Kansai. Click the link above to see more detail.

Hope this will help you understand and plan your trip in Osaka much easier. See you in the next blog.


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