Kuromon Market Guide

Kuromon Market Guide

A fresh market with long history located next to the busiest area of Osaka city, Kuromon market welcome both locals and foreign tourists by being one of the best kitchens in Kansai.

Kuromon Market

Here you will find plenty of fresh seafood stores where all the sea creatures are freshly caught and brought from the closest port every morning, high-quality meat at butcher shops including Kobe beef, local grocery stores full of fresh vegetable and juicy fruit and tons of restaurants to serve you delicious Kansai dishes like Takayaki, Okonomiyaki and many more!

Useful Info

Open Everyday (Expect JAN 1st)

Restaurant & Shops
Opening and closing time varies
(Roughly 9.00-18.00)

Time Spent: 1-2 hrs
Activity: Food, Shopping
Recommend: Everyone 



Nipponbashi sta.
Sakisuji Line (K17
Sennichimae Line (S17)
Exit 10 (Walk 5 min) Map>

Kintetsu Line

Kintetsu-Nipponbashi sta. (A02)
Exit 10 (Walk 5 min) Map>

Know more about Kintetsu system and discount pass


  • 5 mins from Namba sta.
    (Nankai) South exit Map>
  • 10 mins from Namba sta.
    (Subway-Midosuji Line) Exit E5 Map

Activity in the area

As mentioned earlier, there are plenty of shops that sells fresh ingredients for seafood, meat, vegetable and fruits. For recommendation, you should visit between morning till lunch to see the market during its liveliest moment. In the afternoon, most restaurants and shops are still open but some grocery or fresh ingredient shop will start to close as they are usually sold out at that time.

Plus, there are souvenir shops, drug stores, tax free shops in the market. So, it is a perfect place to spend like an hour walking around to find delicious breakfast or lunch here while experiencing lively and local image of Osaka.

More info about shops and store at Kuromon Market

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