Should you buy Osaka Visitor Pass?

Should you buy Osaka Visitor Pass?

Should you buy Osaka visitor pass for your trip? what kind of plan will benefit from this pass? and how to make the full use of it? This comprehensive guide has all the answers for you.

What is Osaka Visitor Pass?

For your next trip in Osaka, it is better to plan ahead especially if it is your first time. This is because Osaka city has one of the most complicated transportation systems in Japan. Fortunately, you can just stick with “Osaka Metro” system mainly if you would like to spend your time only in city area of Osaka.

Despite of that, there are couple of options available in term of passes. In this blog, we will focus on “Osaka Visitor Pass” and provide you detail and comparison to help you understand difference and make decision to purchase easier. This pass will allow you to…

1.Unlimited Ride for all Osaka Metro line and Osaka City Bus

You can use Osaka metro line and City bus as much as you want within limited time. Basically, both systems cover entire metropolitan area of the city and provide you to access to major sightseeing spots in the city.

1 Day ¥700
(First use until last train)
2 Day ¥1.300
(Consecutive Days)

Full Osaka Metro Map
Midosuji Line / Tanimachi Line / Yotsubashi Line / Sennichmae Line / Chuo Line / Sakaisuji Line / Nagahori Tsurumi-Ryokuchi Line / Imazatosuji Line / New Tram / Imazato Liner
Osaka City Bus

2. Discount at sightseeing spots

You can enjoy some discounts at these following locations when showing your pass at the admission gate, so don’t miss it! Here are some recommended list that is popular among the tourists.

Osaka Castle ¥600 → ¥540
Osaka Castle Garden Area¥200 → ¥140
Osaka Bus Aqualiner 10% Off

Osaka Museum of Housing and living
600 → ¥500

Umeda Sky 10% Off
Tsutenkaku Tower (Shinsekai) 100 Off

Osaka Tennoji Zoo ¥500 → ¥350
Spa World Onsen ¥200 Off
1000 Off during summer

Tempozan Ferris Wheel 800 → ¥700
Santa Maria Cruise 10% Off

Shitennoji Temple

  • Inner temple ¥300 → ¥200
  • Garden ¥300 → ¥200
  • Treasure Hall ¥500 → ¥200

Places you can visit with this pass

– Midosuji Line
Shin-Osaka Sta.
Umeda Sta. (Umeda Sky)
Shinsaibashi Sta. 
Namba Sta. (Dotonbori)
Dobutsuen-Mae Sta. (Shinsekai)
Tennoji Sta. (Abeno Harukas)

– Chuo Line
Morinomiya Sta. (Osaka Castle)
Osakako Sta. (Osaka Aquarium)

– Nagahori Tsurumi-ryokuchi Line
Shinsaibashi Sta.
Morinomiya Sta. (Osaka Castle)

– Sakaisuji Line
Nipponbashi Sta. (Kuromon Market)
Dobutsuen-Mae Sta. (Shinsekai)
Tengachaya Sta.

Sennichimae Line
Namba Sta. (Dotonbori)
Nipponbashi Sta. (Kuromon Market)

Decision to make a purchase

As mentioned in the beginning, Osaka has a lot of transportation system covering each area of the city. If you want to know more, we have a very comprehensive guide for you on the link above. Now, let’s see if Osaka Visitor pass is actually good for you.

Buy if…

  • Plan to travel only Osaka for 1-2 days
  • Stay over night in the city area of Osaka
  • Use subway at least 3 times or above within one day
    (Even you already have JR Pass or IC card)

Don’t by if…

  • Already have Osaka Amazing Pass / Enjoy Eco card / Kansai Thru Pass
  • Use subway less than 3 times within one day
  • Plan to use JR line mainly (Universal Studio Japan)
  • Plan to travel from Osaka to other cities

Subway Regular Fee per ride
Distance 1 station = ¥180
Distance 3 stations = ¥230
Distance 5 stations = ¥280

(Pass 1 Day ¥700 / 2 Days ¥1,300)


Osaka Amazing Pass

This pass offers unlimited ride for all Osaka subways and buses. The major difference is that you will not get only just discounts but free access to sightseeing spots and activates (same list with Osaka Visitor pass and more). That’s why price of this ticket is much higher.

1 Day (Normal) ¥2,800
2 Days ¥3,600

Enjoy Eco Cards

This pass is available to buy from automatic ticket machine at every subway station. It provides the same benefit as Osaka Visitor Pass. However, there is price difference between weekdays and weekends, and also there is no 2 days ticket for sale.

1 Day
Weekdays price ¥800
Weekends price ¥600

Where to buy Osaka Visitor Pass?

Both type of Osaka Visitor pass (1&2days) are available at both stores of Kansai Tourist Information Center. No advance reservation is needed

Kansai International Airport (KIX)
Terminal 1 Central Exit 1F
Open Everyday 9.30 – 17.30
Kyoto Tower 3F
Open Everyday 10.00 – 17.00

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