Should you buy Arima Onsen Pass?

Should you buy Arima Onsen Pass?

Planning to visit the most famous hot spring in Kansai? Should you buy Arima Onsen Pass or not. Here is all you need to know!

What is Arima Onsen Pass?
(Taiko-No-Yu Package Ticket)

This time is for Arima Onsen. Taiko-No-Yu Package Ticket is a special combination of unlimited transportation (1 day) and admission ticket especially made for accessing and enjoying Arima Onsen.

Hankyu version
2,850 Yen (One Price)
Hankyu System
1.Kyoto Line (Full Line)
2.Kobe Line (Full Line)
Local Line to Arima Onsen

Hanshin version
2,650 Yen (One Price)
Hanshin System
1.Namba Line (Full Line)
2.Main Line (Osaka-Umeda to Kobe-Sannomiya Only)
Local Line to Arima Onsen

There are 2 versions which are available for each transportation respectively. You can’t change the system once you activated it, so please consider your plan and location of which are more convenient to you.

However, admission ticket to hot spring is available for both versions. So, all you have to do is consider the location of your accommodation and other sightseeing spot that you might want to visit on the same day.

Official Website

Arima Onsen Guide

To give you more detail about the location, we have content for Arima Onsen just for you. Know the overview and things that you should not miss out and plan your perfect day-trip to Arima Onsen.

Should you buy Arima Onsen Pass?


Hankyu Version

Hankyu Line
Kobe Subway (Shinsei Yamate Line)
Kobe Dentetsu (Arima Line)

Hanshin Version

Hanshin Line
Kobe Subway (Shinsei Yamate Line)
Kobe Dentetsu (Arima Line)


1.Once you decided which system you’d like to take, you can activate the pass by using it at any train station of your choice. Then, take the train to Kobe-Sannomiya sta. (Available for both systems, separated location but connected)

Kobe-Sannomiya sta. Hankyu

Kobe-Sannomiya sta. Hanshin

2.Transfer from each system to Sannomiya sta.
(Kobe Subway – Shinsei Yamate Line)
1 Min Walk from Hankyu System (Map)
2 Mins Walk from Hanshin System (Map)

Sannomiya sta.

3.Take subway towards Shin-Kobe to go to Tanigami sta. At this point, the train will automatically change from Kobe Subway to Kobe Dentetsu Line without transferring. (10 mins)

4. When arrived at Tanigami sta., please transfer to Arima Line heading to Arimaguchi sta. (Semi-Express). (10 mins)

5.Then take Local Arima Line to go to Arima sta. (5 mins)


1.Start → Kobe-Sannomiya sta (Hankyu or Hanshin)
2.Kobe-Sannomiya staSannomiya sta. (Walk)
3.Sannomiya sta.Tanigami sta. (Kobe Subway + Dentetsu)
4.Tanigami sta.Arimaguchi sta. (Kobe Dentetsu)
5.Arimaguchi sta.Arima sta. (Local Arima Line)

(1 Ticket through all journey)

Hot Spring Admission Fee

Taiko No Yu 有馬温泉 太閤の湯

From 10 am to 11 pm (admission closes at 10 pm) (MAP)

Day-trip bathing facility of Arima Hot Spring. Arima’s greatest theme park centered on healing and historical exploration that can be visited empty-handed. (Website)

This is the sole place where Arima ‘s famous hot springs (kinsen=golden spring, ginsen=silver spring, and tansan-sen=carbonated artificial spring) are available. You can enjoy 26 kinds of baths and hot stone spa. Men and women’s section of open-air bath are switched on a monthly basis. Services including restaurants and body care facilities are also complete.

Just show you pass and enjoy one of the best hot spring experience in Kansai for free.

  • Open-Air Bath Zone
  • Grand Bath Zone

Please check the operating schedule before visiting

Kin no Yu (Golden Steam Bath Stone Sauna Zone)

Kin no Yu is an open-air hot spring (public bath) where Kinsen (golden spring), one of the whole area’s original spring is drawn. At the large public bath on the second floor are “Ichinoyu” resembling bamboo, material of Arima’s traditional handicrafts, and “Ninoyu” resembling the tinted autumnal leaves.

From 8 am to 10 pm (admission closes at 9:30 pm) (MAP)

Gin no Yu (Silver Steam Bath Stone Sauna Zone)

It is in a quiet place of Arima Hot Spring where temples and shrines such as Onesenji Temple and Gokurakuji Temple gather. The building was built in Heisei 13 (2001), and two large public baths were created resembling a rock bath where Taiko (Grand Chancellor) Hideyoshi got in. Silver spring’s water is provided by mixing radium spring and carbonated spring.

From 9 am to 9 pm (admission closes at 8:30 pm)
The first and third Tuesday of each month (the following day if Tuesday is a national holiday), January 1 (MAP)

Price Comparison

Hankyu version 2,850 Yen (One Price)
Hanshin version 2,650 Yen (One Price)

Train Station (Hankyu)Price
Osaka-Umeda → Kobe-Sannomiya320
Kawaramachi → Kobe-Sannomiya630
Arashiyama → Kobe-Sannomiya630
Train Station (Hanshin)
Osaka-Umeda → Kobe-Sannomiya320
Osaka-Namba → Kobe-Sannomiya410
Train Station (Kobe Subway)Price
Sannomiya → Tanigami280
Train Station (Kobe Dentetsu)
Tanigami → Arimaguchi → Arima Onsen400
Hot Spring Admission FeePrice
Taiko No Yu2400-2600
Kin no Yu (Gold)650
Gin no Yu (Silver)550

Decision to Purchase

Buy if you…

  • Visit Arima Onsen for 1-day trip
  • Stay near Hanshin or Hankyu Line (Osaka or Kyoto Area)

Don’t buy if you…

  • Stay overnight at Arima Onsen
  • Stay near Hanshin or Hankyu Line (Kobe Area)

Other places you can also visit

Here are some suggestions for other sightseeing spots alongside Hanshin and Hankyu Line. Feel free to drop if you have time after getting back from Arima Onsen.

Hankyu Version Only (Kyoto)

Kawaramachi Area (Kyoto)
Mino Park (Osaka)

Hanshin Version Only

Osaka Transportation Summary
Dotonbori Area (Osaka-Namba)

Both Version (Osaka Area)

Osaka Transportation Summary
Umeda Area

Where to buy

Taiko-No-Yu Package Ticket is available at both stores of Kansai Tourist Information Center. No advance reservation is needed

Kansai International Airport (KIX)
Terminal 1 Central Exit 1F
Open Everyday 9.30 – 17.30
Kyoto Tower 3F
Open Everyday 10.00 – 17.00

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