Kansai Secret (and not so secret) Street List

Kansai Secret (and not so secret) Street List


This article has gathered some secret and not-so-secret streets in the Kansai area for you! So if you visit Osaka or Kyoto, don’t forget to visit these streets nearby!

I don’t know if it’s just me, but taking a walk in Japan is so enjoyable. Maybe it’s because of the scenery, the sense of safety, and the cleanliness. It’s just so beautiful and aesthetic wherever you go!

Have a look at these secret and not-so-secret streets, take notes, and make sure to visit them on your next trip to Japan!


Shirakawa Minami-dori: Beautiful Secret Street In Kyoto

Kuroe Townscape: The Secret Street Of Wakayama Prefecture

Oharaimachi: The Secret Street Of Mie Prefecture

Philosopher’s Path (Tetsugaku No Michi): Secret Street Of Kyoto

Kurokabe Square: The Secret Street Of Shiga

Ishibe-Kouji Alley: The Secret Street Of Kyoto

Final Thoughts

Which street on the list would you consider to be secret and which street would you consider to be NOT so secret?
Also, let us know which street you’d like to visit first!

Share your thoughts in the comments!


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2 thoughts on “Kansai Secret (and not so secret) Street List

    • Author gravatar

      I love the old areas of Japan. I am planning a trip for March 23. Will predominately planning to go from onsen town to onsen town…Kinosaki beppu yufuin

      I desperately waiting on news if the border will be open to vaccinated Australian tourists.

      • Author gravatar

        Hi Jenny! 🥰
        Thank you for sharing your thoughts!
        We 💗 your enthusiasm and your love for Japan!
        Can’t wait for you to visit as well!
        We will make sure to add information about Onsen towns so you can be ready and make the most out of your trip when the borders open!
        Stay tuned!

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