Oharaimachi: The Secret Street Of Mie Prefecture

Oharaimachi: The Secret Street Of Mie Prefecture


Welcome to our special series where we will be introducing secret streets around the Kansai Region! Stay tuned to find out more about secret streets and don’t forget to hunt them down on your next trip to Kansai!

Introducing Oharaimachi, a secret street in Mie Prefecture where you can enjoy traditional landscapes, shops, and 300 year old sweets!

📍Where is Mie Prefecture?

Mie is a prefecture that is located close to the center part of Japan, near the ocean. The landscapes here are rich and varies from mountainous regions to seafront beaches. It is famous for pearls, traditional female divers, and ninjas.

🚗Traveling from Kyoto to Mie
Car: Around a 1hr 10mins drive.
Train: Around a 1hr30mins train ride.
Bus: Around a 2hr50mins bus ride.

🚗Traveling from Osaka to Mie
Car: Around a 1hr 35mins drive.
Train: Around a 1hr 50mins train ride.
Bus: Around a 3hrs bus ride.

⭐Mie Prefectural Tourism Federation Website: https://www.kankomie.or.jp/en/ (English)


Oharai-machi are where you can find shops built with the unique architectural style of Ise town, which is the central city of Mie prefecture. The traditional shops lined along the beautiful stone street, attract a lot of visitors from all around Japan.

On this 800 meter long street, you can find many local souvenir shops and restaurants including the famous 300 year old sweets shop; Akafuku Honten (more information below). You can enjoy a pleasant walk here after visiting the sacred Ise shrine.

Akafuku Honten

Akafuku is a 300 year old shop in Oharaimachi that specializes in traditional Japanese sweets of Ise town. Guests come here to enjoy the delicious taste while peacefully viewing the little stream of the Isuzu River.

🍵Two pieces of Akafuku-mochi with a cup of tea costs ¥230.
⭐Menu: https://www.akafuku.co.jp/product/ (Only in Japanese)
⭐Opening Hours: 5am-5pm
⭐Contact: 0596-22-7000
📍 MAP: https://goo.gl/maps/3b9Wa6vUZ1vAMqum7

📍 Oharaimachi Map

Oharaimachi Access

🚆JR Line: From Ise-shi station (伊勢市駅), take the bus bound for Naiku Mae (内宮前) and get off at Naiku-mae Bus Stop (内宮前).

🚇Kintetsu Line: From Uji-yamada station, take the bus bound for Naiku Mae (内宮前) and get off at Naiku-mae Bus Stop (内宮前).

⭐Take a walk around the beautiful and traditional historical landscape, explore the shops, taste the food, take a few photos and check it off your secret street checklist!

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