Virgo Recommended Spots in Kansai

Virgo Recommended Spots in Kansai


Hello people!
Since it is Virgo season, I interviewed an Virgo person for some information that I hope some of you guys might find useful incase you have any Virgo friends or are planning a date with an Virgo person in Kansai and need some ideas.

Even if you don’t believe in such things, you might find this article helpful for your next trip in Kansai!

♍Virgo Basic Personality Traits🌱👧

Hard Working

Virgo Personal Thoughts

“I’m very hard working and patient towards things that I love.”

(24, Female, Japanese, Virgo)

“This is mostly true!! I’m very hard working and patient towards things that I love. I enjoy doing creative things like writing letters, doing shodo (Japanese calligraphy) and taking pictures. I also resonate with the negative aspects of a typical Virgo. For example, being stubborn and overthinking. Also I’m very very picky with food.”

(24, Female, Japanese, Virgo)

Virgo Recommended Lunch Spot

“Virgos are known for preferring healthy foods but I really can’t recommend anything healthy. I love Gyoza and Karaage (Japanese fried chicken), which are not the most healthy food out there but they are delicious!”

(24, Female, Japanese, Virgo)

天平 北新地本店
Tempei Kitashinchi

Since it is a specialty shop, it only offers gyoza dumplings. The crispy texture, spiciness, and the umami of filling is so yummy you can’t help but ask for more!

Opening Hours: 3pm – 8pm
Holidays: Sunday
Contact: 06-6341-1972
Homepage: (Only In Japanese)
Nearest Station: 北新地駅 (Kitashinchi Station)


Virgo Recommended Spots For Relaxing

1. Somewhere you can be creative!

”I recommend visiting a hand-made market in Kyoto because I like to be impacted by creative things and creative people. The market is held on the 15th of every month in Chionji Temple. There are many different types of shops selling a variety of interesting things ranging from muffins, cookies, wood furniture, candles, to clothes.”

(24, Female, Japanese, Virgo)

Chionji Temple 

Visit the beautiful historical temple while checking out the monthly bazaar on the 15th of every month. You can find more than 450 unique, handmade shops here!

Opening Hours: 9am – 5pm
Official website: (Only In Japanese)
Nearest Station: 出町柳駅 (Demachiyanagi Station)

*Handmade Market Website : (Only In Japanese)
*Handmade Market Hours: depends but typically 8am – 4pm


2. Relaxing Cafes

“I enjoy chilling at cafes that have a relaxing atmosphere. I love going to places where you can easily relax with friends or even relax alone. It’s also a plus if the food is good!”

(24, Female, Japanese, Virgo)

Cafe Rhinebeck

This café is housed in a renovated 120-year-old Machiya (Japanese Town House). Their specialty is the fresh fluffy pancakes that are made from an experienced patisserie! Relax in the old, historical Machiya while indulging on delicious fluffy pancakes!

Opening Hours: 9am – 5pm
Holidays: Wed & Thurs
Contact: 075-451-1208
Nearest Station: 今出川駅 (Imadegawa Station)


3. Bookstores & Stationery Shops

“Itoya is a stationary store that I love because they have many lovely cards from different countries. They have Japanese ones too! They have branches all over Japan, so you should definitely visit one when you are in Japan!”

(24, Female, Japanese, Virgo)

Places Virgos Don’t Go Often

“I don’t enjoy being in crowded places or places that lack a sense of cleanliness. I love going to beaches but there are cases where beaches can’t make me feel relaxed too. Such as busy beaches or unclean beaches with a lot of trash.”

(24, Female, Japanese, Virgo)

Introducing Shirarahama Beach In Wakayama Prefecture)

(This beach may be crowded sometimes, but it is definitely clean.)

Do you sense some stereotypical Virgo traits from this person?

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