Unique Ramen in Osaka: Okome-No-Kamisama (God of Rice)

Unique Ramen in Osaka: Okome-No-Kamisama (God of Rice)


Ramen…delicious Japanese food that is loved by both locals and visitors. There are soooooooooo many Ramen restaurants all over Japan. You can find ramen in almost every corner here! But in this article, we want to introduce a place that serves unique ramen in Osaka. What’s special about this place? Let’s find out!


お米の神様(オコメノカミサマ)(Okome-no-kamisama) literally translates to “god of rice”, okome (お米) meaning rice and kamisama (神様) meaning god. However, it has a deeper meaning beyond that.

In Japanese culture, it is believed that in each rice grain, there are seven gods living inside. Japanese children learn this special saying from childhood when their parents teach them that rice should not not be wasted or left over. Some parents even scare their kids by saying that if they don’t finish their rice, the rice gods will get mad and punish them in brutal ways.

Rice takes up a lot of energy and process before we are able to eat it. It is a luxury. Therefore, each grain of rice shall be treated with appreciation and respect. Appreciation to the people who were in the process of harvesting and making the rice and appreciation of having the luxury to eat rice.

Once you open the menu, you will find this brief explanation of the reason why this ramen restaurant chose “God of Rice” as its name.

“It is said that in each grain of rice, lives seven gods. The gods respond to the appreciation we give to the rice and as we show appreciation, the rice becomes even more delicious and gives us more power to get through the day. Our restaurant works hard to make our customers feel satisfied and we want to give everyone energy through delicious ramen and special omusubi (rice balls).”

The Unique Ramen Menu

Following the concept of the restaurant, most of the menu revolves around rice. The ramen noodles are made of rice and the soup as well! There are also sets where freshly steamed rice is served on the side with your ramen. You can even order their special omusubi (rice balls) or make your own using their DIY rice ball kit that comes with the set!

⚠️Depending on the state of emergency situation in relation to the spread of COVID-19, the restaurant may not serve alcoholic drinks.

The Unique Food

The first taste felt quite strong, but later on the the unique taste of the ingredients that were made from rice became very refreshing! I felt like I was eating something healthy. Like clean eating if that makes sense.

I recommend this place because it gives a new ramen experience and provides a unique way of eating rice. I am usually not someone who enjoys rice but I could definitely taste the deliciousness of rice from the ramen here.

Also, the owner of this ramen restaurant is a woman! That is a very rare case for ramen restaurants in Japan as ramen often gives out a masculine image and most people who work in ramen shops I’ve seen in japan so far are men. It’s nice to know that while I am eating this ramen, I am supporting a business run by women. Woman empowerment!!

Mouth Watering Video of This Unique Ramen In Osaka

What is your favorite ramen restaurant in Japan so far?
Also, what is your favorite type of ramen broth? Miso, soy sauce, or bone broth?


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