Mizu-Yokan: The Taste of Wintertime in Fukui

Mizu-Yokan: The Taste of Wintertime in Fukui

We will introduce a highly recommended sweet you should definitely try once this winter. Facing the Sea of Japan, Fukui Prefecture is popular for sights such as the 20 meter-high cliffs of Tojinbo that are eroded by the Sea of Japan’s rough waves, but what we’d recommend in Fukui Prefecture is “mizu-yokan (red bean jelly)”. While eating ice cream at the kotatsu (Japanese foot warmer/table) is popular throughout Japan, here mizu-yokan at the kotatsu is a staple.

Mizu-Yokan (Red Bean Jelly)

In Fukui Prefecture, the traditional Japanese sweet “mizu-yokan (red bean jelly)” is a wintertime delicacy.

Being a cold sweet, mizu-yokan is more associated with summer on a national level, but in Fukui it is the norm for families to eat mizu-yokan together at the kotatsu (Japanese foot warmer/table).

It’s mildly sweet and refreshing, and the aftertaste of brown sugar is scrumptious. It comes in square boxes taking the shape of a flat rectangle.

Tastes and textures differ between each confectionery, so you can enjoy many types of mizu-yokan, such as firmer ones, softer ones, ones in which the azuki beans are more prominent, or even ones flavored with chocolate.

When you visit Fukui during the wintertime, try different kinds of mizu-yokan to find out each confectionery’s unique qualities and preferences.


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