Ryoanji Seigenin Yudofu: Temple Turned Restaurant In World Heritage Site

Ryoanji Seigenin Yudofu: Temple Turned Restaurant In World Heritage Site

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If you are visiting Kyoto, make sure to put this restaurant on your travel itinerary because there is no reason not to experience dining in the middle of a beautiful Japanese garden located in a sub temple inside a world heritage site! Explore the peaceful Ryoanji Seigenin Temple and stop by to have lunch eating special healthy tofu dishes.

龍安寺 西源院
Ryoanji Seigenin Yudofu

This is a temple-turned-restaurant at the World Heritage Site Ryoanji Temple, which is famous for its rock garden. Enjoy yudofu (hot tofu) boiled with vegetables together with other vegetarian meals. Calming sounds echo through the entrance and re-creates the serene atmosphere of a temple.



🚌 Bus
With the Kyoto City Bus or the JR Bus, get off at Ryoanji Bus Stop (竜安寺前)
The restaurant is 2 minutes away on foot.

🚇 Train
With the Randenkitanosen, get off at Ryoanji Station (龍安寺)
The restaurant is 7 minutes away on foot.

The Food

Their specialty is Tofu boiled with vegetables and herbs! Enjoy warm, delicious, healthy, vegetarian food and taste the unique beauty of Kyoto.

The Vibes

My trip to Japan feels completed while dining in this temple and admiring the surroundings.

What is your favorite tofu dish? Let us know in the comments.

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      We had a great tofu meal also at a restaurant very near Nanzenji (Zen temple with aquaduct; in Kyoto City). About 20 years ago. Nearer to the megalopolis is JINDAIJI (深大寺)where the feature is SOBA noodles. Next door so-to-speak is JINDAI-SHOKUBUTSUEN (神大植物園)famous especially in the season for roses to bloom. One can get off the [Tachikawa] bus from Mitaka (on JR Chuosen) to Choufu (for example). IF one has gotten one’s VACCINATI0N, …

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        Thank you for sharing your experiences with us! We are very glad to hear that you had a great time. Please let us know if there are any contents you would like us to write about or anything you would like to see. By the way, where are you from?

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