Pie No Mi: The Beloved Japanese Snack Became Life Size

Pie No Mi: The Beloved Japanese Snack Became Life Size

If you live in Japan or have visited Japan, you probably would have seen this cute green bag of yummy at the convenience stores or at the supermarkets. Pie No Mi are tiny little pies filled with chocolate on the inside and is a snack beloved by Japanese people of all ages and backgrounds throughout Japan for many many years. If you haven’t had the chance to try them yet, please do!

Pie No Mi Chocolate Danish Pastry

Recently, something very exciting happened. I was having lunch at work and all my Japanese colleagues were discussing about the big version of Pie No Mi. Family Mart released a life size chocolate pastry version and everyone got excited and rushed to the convenience store to try the new version of their beloved snack that brings back childhood memories.

I Love My Pie No Mi

I am a big fan of the original version so I got all excited about this too! Unfortunately I couldn’t find it at my local convenience store because it was all sold out but luckily my colleague sent me some photos and some comments.

“The textured pie crust on the outside goes well with the delicious chocolate filling on the inside and is the perfect afternoon snack to have with milk or coffee or tea. I want everyone to go try it.”

Woman, Japanese, 28

What other Japanese snacks would you want to see a different version of?

Also, what is a staple snack in your country that brings back childhood memories?


Price: 140 yen including tax
Where to find: Family Mart


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