Coffee With Baby Animals: May The Cuteness Heal You

Coffee With Baby Animals: May The Cuteness Heal You

If you like to visit convenience stores in Japan, you’ve probably seen the wide selection of coffee they have. I was having lunch at my office the other day and saw several of my colleagues smiling and looking happy at this particular coffee with baby animals in their hands. Wondering what was going on, I had a little chat with them and this was what I found out.

Buy Coffee With Baby Animals And Support The Zoo During The Pandemic

Apparently part of the profit goes to help support zoos around Japan that are effected by the pandemic. My colleagues felt relaxed looking at the cute kawaii faces of the baby animals while drinking their afternoon coffee and felt happy that they are in a way, supporting the animals.

Let Coffee With Baby Animals Heal Your Soul With Their Cuteness

It says 深い癒しパッケージ (Fukai Iyashi Pakkeji) in the front which literally translates to “deep healing package”.
The concept is that you can drink the coffee while enjoying the cute faces of the baby animals from the zoo.
Help the animals and let the animals help you!

You can even check out the soul healing videos of cute animals that they have here.
Watch it during your break time at work and feel your stress slowly melt away.


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