Wakayama Castle: Escape the Crowd and Relax in the Peaceful Town

Wakayama Castle: Escape the Crowd and Relax in the Peaceful Town

There are so many castles to visit in Japan but here we would like to introduce a less mainstream one in the heart of Wakayama prefecture; Wakayama Castle!

Wakayama prefecture is a lesser known place in the Kansai region where we would like to recommend everyone to visit because it has so much to offer!

🏯Visiting Wakayama Castle🏯

Wakayama castle was used as residence by the Kishu Tokugawa families until the abolition of the Han system in the Meiji Era. The Okaguchimon Gate (important cultural property), and the stone walls which are built by stacking natural stones, are the same as they were from the old days.

The castle tower, which was restored after the the war, now holds an exhibition room of ridge-end tiles and armors. The view of Kinikawa River from the top is also a sight to not be missed.

Nishinomaru Teien Garden is designated as a place of scenery especially in the autumn season where the maple leaves are spectacular.


📍 Map


🏯Wakayama Castle🏯

📍 Address
3 Ichibancho, Wakayama City, Wakayama, 640-8146
9:00~17:30 (Admission closes at 5:00 p.m.)
Closed: December 29 ~ 31.
410 yen (Only by cash)
Take the Wakayama Bus Route 0 or 25 and get off at Koen-mae Bus Stop.

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