Japanese Cats: Kyoto Photo Collection

Japanese Cats: Kyoto Photo Collection


Hi all you cool cats and kittens!!!
Have you ever wondered why there are so many stray cats in Japan? And more importantly, why they are so fluffy and cute? Here is a photo collection of Japanese cats (both stray and domestic) that live and breathe cute around Kyoto.

Scroll down to learn about a fun fact about Japanese cats at the end of the article!


This cat collection was made possible because MK Taxi’s drivers know Kyoto very well and they also know where all of the cats are! All of the cats are treated respectfully from a distance and none were disturbed during the process of making this collection. The cat’s feelings and wellbeing is the main priority!

Collection 1 : Japanese Cats Minding Their Own Business

Collection 2 : Japanese Cats Hanging Out In Groups

Some cats are just extroverted and need some company.

Sleepy Japanese Cats

Is it just me or do you become sleepy when looking at these drowsy cats?

Chonky Japanese Cats

Everyone’s favorite type of cat.

Funny Japanese Cats

Fun Fact

The `V` shape cut on the stray cat’s ears is to indicate that the stray cat had been spayed/neutered and taken care of by the vet. This is a common practice in Japan to hep people know that the stray cat is being taken care of by people in the community. Spayed cats become less aggressive, makes less noise, and are overall healthier. This reduces the impact to society so that cats and people in Japan can co-exist in harmony.


Let us know in the comments what kind of names you would give to these cats based on how they look!

Big thanks to MK Taxi for providing us with these adorable, soul-healing photos of cats around Kyoto!
We hope you enjoyed this article as much as we did.

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