Deer Manners: What NOT to do when visiting Nara Deer Park

Deer Manners: What NOT to do when visiting Nara Deer Park


Do you know your deer manners???

Nara Deer Park is one of the most famous landmarks in the Kansai Region. Actually, it’s probably one of JAPAN’s most famous landmarks. It’s definitely something to cross over on your bucket list when you visit Japan. Not only are these deer super cute, but you can also feed them special deer snacks and be in awe when they thank you with a bow!

Nara Deer Park

Nara Park is also known as “Deer Park” or “Nara Deer Park” for the twelve hundred tame deer which live and roam freely there. The park dates from 1880.

These deer have been deified and are strictly protected as messengers of deities of the Kasuga Taisha Shrine!

Not only is the park filled with cute deer roaming around, but there are also temples and shrine and restaurants to enjoy!

One of the food you should not miss when you visit Nara is Persimmon Leaf Sushi or “Kakinohazushi”. Find out more about it in the article below!

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DON’T Do This @ Nara Deer Park

① Do NOT tease the deer.

Over the years, there have been an increasing number of complaints about tourists teasing deer with food etc. Just like us, they are living things with feelings. Not only is teasing them not nice, but it might frustrate them and lead to some attacks.

② Do NOT feed them anything else other than the Shika-Sembei (rice crackers made for deer).

These crackers are sold at the park so you can easily buy them when you get there! Some food might be harmful to the deer so please do not feed them anything else!

③ Do NOT invade their personal space.

Some deer are introverts and prefer to chill from time to time without humans bothering them. If you see a deer chilling on its own, let it rest and let it be. Especially if you spot a mom and a baby, let them have their quality time!

④ Do NOT make loud noises.

Please be respectful of other people and also the deer. Loud noises may startle them or make them scared and put them on defense mode. Be calm and talk to them in a respectful tone.

⑤ Do NOT leave small children alone with the deer.

Small children can become targets of excited deer who wants to play. And sometimes the ‘play’ can be aggressive. So for everyone’s safety, lets make sure to always keep an eye on small children. Also, children tend to make loud noises when they are scared or excited, so please make sure to keep them close.

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