Nara Park Guide

Nara Park Guide

Here is a comprehensive Nara Park Guide, a city with a nice blend of culture, history, and famous for its local deer. It is a must-visit destination right between Osaka and Kyoto and is also perfect for a daytrip!

Nara Park

Nara is located on the east of Osaka and south of Kyoto which takes roughly within an hour to visit by train from both cities. This is why this place is very popular among tourists who visit Kansai!

One of the highlights is “Nara Park” where Japanese deer roam freely everywhere. We can interact with them or give them snacks, known as “Shika Sembei” which is rice cracker made especially for the deer and sold around the park.


Opens Everyday, All day
(Park Area)

Time Spent: 3-4 hrs (including transportation)
Activity: Feeding the deers, picnicking, walking around the park, visiting temples

Recommended For: Everyone
**Includes a lot

Coin Lockers
JR Nara Station>
Kintetsu-Nara Station>


There are 3 main ways to come to Nara Park:

There are some distances between both train stations and the park. If you travel directly from Kansai Airport (KIX) by limousine bus, the bus will still drop you at one of the train stations.

Kintetsu Line

From personal experience, the distance from Kintetsu-Nara Sta. to the park is walkable (within 10 minutes).
If you choose to visit by JR Nara Sta., it takes more time to walk.

JR Line + Local Bus

However, there is a local bus service available at the East Exit of JR Nara Sta.
Please look for bus stop No.2 and pay ¥210 to take the bus to the park. (7 minutes)

Access From Other Cities

Airport Limousine Bus 

From Kansai Airport (KIX)
To Kintetsu Nara Sta. 80 minutes
To JR Nara Sta.  85 minutes

One-way ¥2,100
Round-trip ¥4,000
(Within 14 consecutive days)
More Details


The deer in this park are very familiar with tourists and are usually very friendly. They will not be afraid to approach you if they think that you have food for them. However, please be careful of your ticket, map, or any other important paper otherwise it might be accidentally eaten by a deer.


For those who are thinking of visiting by Kintetsu line, from Osaka, Kyoto or even Nagoya, there are passes that could make your trip easier and cheaper. Kintetsu Rail Pass allows you to ride the Kintetsu system train as much as you want within the coverage periods (1, 2 and 5 days). Also, it includes benefits such as discounts at different locations in Nara. See more detail about Kintetsu Rail Pass.

*Unlimited ride for Kintetsu system except Limited Express (reserved seats)


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