3 Osaka Yakiniku BBQ Restaurants You Must Try!

3 Osaka Yakiniku BBQ Restaurants You Must Try!


Yakiniku or 焼肉 literally translates to “grilled meat” and it is a very popular dish in Japan. Yakiniku is often enjoyed with a group of people such as friends, coworkers, and families especially on special occasions. What makes Japanese Yakiniku or Japanese BBQ so special is the quality of the meat and the deliciousness of the sauce! There are so many Yakiniku restaurants in Japan and you could probably find one in every corner!

Osaka is known as a lively place with outgoing and friendly people. I if you visit an Osaka yakiniku restaurant on a weekend evening, you might spontaneously make new Japanese friends who’ll come over to say cheers and invite you to drink together! 🍻

That said, Yakiniku is definitely a must try when you visit Japan! We have narrowed down 3 must-visit Yakiniku restaurants for when you visit Osaka!


昭和大衆ホルモン 道頓堀店
Showa Taishu Horumon Dotonbori Store

This Yakiniku restaurant offers a variety of top-ranked meats including the famous Kuroge Wagyu (Black Hair Japanese Beef). This place offers 40 kinds of tripe and you can ask the staffs to recommend less common cuts like Yami, Harami, and Maboroshi no Tecchan.

📍MAP: https://g.page/shohoru-dotonbori?share
🚇Closest Station: Osaka Metro (Midousuji Line) Namba Station Exit B22 [3 mins walk]

🕒Opening Hours: 12:00PM – 9:00PM
(Hours may differ depending on the state of emergency)
🍽️Menu: https://tabelog.com/osaka/A2701/A270202/27054130/party/ (Only in Japanese)
📞Contact: 06-6211-0291


This Yakiniku restaurants was founded about 70 years ago. It is known as the original store that popularized the marinated and dipping style of Yakiniku. They select their meat not by the name or brand, but by the quality. You can be assured that quality meat is what you will get here.

📍MAP: https://goo.gl/maps/E3gt65fwAW833wKH7
🚇Closest Station: Tsuruhashi Station (JR Line, Kintetsu Line, Metro Line) [2 mins walk]

🕒Opening Hours: 11:00AM – 9:00PM
(Hours may differ depending on the state of emergency)
🍽️Menu: https://tabelog.com/osaka/A2701/A270205/27000563/dtlmenu/ (Only in Japanese)
📞Contact: 06-6772-8929

焼肉 空
Yakiniku Sora

This is a traditional Yakiniku restaurant where you can see the smoke rise from the meat while grilling. They offer a variety of cuts from common ones like tripe to less common ones like Hagishi or Uchiwa. Most of the dishes come in small portions that cost less than 500 yen so you can enjoy any different kinds of meat and experience all the deliciousness this place has to offer!

📍MAP: https://goo.gl/maps/1V6S4MZHZPdhwqiw7
🚇Closest Station: JR (Osaka Kanjou Line) Tsurubashi Station [3 mins walk]
Osaka Metro (Sennichi-mae Line) Tsurubashi Station [3 mins walk]

🕒Opening Hours: 11:30AM – 9:00PM
(Hours may differ depending on the state of emergency)
ℹ️Website: http://www.yakinikusora.jp/ (Only in Japanese)
🍽️Menu: http://www.yakinikusora.jp/menu.html (Only in Japanese)
📞Contact: 06-6773-1300

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