5 Must Visit Restaurants In Umeda, Osaka

5 Must Visit Restaurants In Umeda, Osaka

Planning a trip to Osaka? Deciding where to eat around the Umeda area? Let us introduce 5 restaurants you should visit in Umeda, Osaka.

Negiyaki Yamamoto Umeda EST Store
ねぎ焼やまもと 梅田エスト店


Their Negi-yaki started out as a dish served at staff parties, and its taste has remained the same. It is baked with plenty of seasonal leeks on top of a uniquely blended batter so that the outside is crispy while the inside stays soft and juicy with a variety of toppings.

Akashiyaki Bubutei Hankyu Sambangai Store
明石焼 ぶぶ亭 阪急三番街店


This is a store located in the basement floor of the Hankyu Umeda Station. It offers Akashi-yaki, Takoyaki, and Takoyaki gratin which you can either enjoy at the restaurant or at home. They proudly offer an authentic taste using broth made from a recipe that is transmitted directly from “Kawatomi,” a Japanese cuisine restaurant in Nanba with a history of over 60 years. They are very particular about their broth because the deliciousness of Akashi-yaki depends on the quality of the broth. Let yourself enjoy piping hot Akashi-yaki soaked in exquisite soup stock.

Kiji Main Store


A popular store that has customers lining up every day inside the bustling Shin Umeda Shokudogai. Oba leaves gives a refreshing scent to the batter. Their most popular dish, Modern-yaki, is a perfect combination of eggs, soba noodles, and sweet sauce.

Takonotetsu Kakuta Store
蛸之徹 角田店


This is a restaurant where you can cook your own Takoyaki using the iron plates available at each table. Enjoy Takoyaki with 6 different kinds of sauce such as the special original sauce or the sesame soy sauce. Don’t worry, even if you have never made Takoyaki before in your life, the restaurant staff will help you.



Their specialty dish, Coropet, which they have been making since 1949, is a fried dish with white sauce made from evaporated milk. It has a unique texture and taste that is different from a croquette or a cutlet. There are many fans of this dish.

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